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About Urgent Vets For Pets Clinic

Helping your pet feel better sooner

Urgent Vets For Pets Clinic was opened in early 2022 during the tail end of the COVID epidemic. The idea for Urgent Vets For Pets was to allow an option for pet owners to get their beloved companions seen and treated without having to wait for an appointment from their regular veterinarian. We understand that things happen and nobody wants to see their pets sick or in pain. Urgent Vets For Pets is also to help lessen the burden on primary care veterinary practices who may already have a full schedule and need to refer their patients so they can be treated.

In this day and age our pets are truly a member of the family and when they are not feeling well or have had an accident we want them to be treated as soon as possible as we would want for our human family members. Urgent Vets For Pets is a walk in practice with the goal of treating you and your pet like family. 

Our goal is to have your pet seen in a timely manner and get you both back home. Since Veterinary ERs are often focused on life-threatening emergencies, there can be extensive wait times for non-life threatening conditions. This is why we are here to get you pets urgent medical conditions treated in a timely manner at a reasonable cost.

Did you know that many medical conditions that affect your pet can cost significantly less if diagnosed and treated early, rather than waiting?

At Urgent Vets For Pets we offer outpatient treatment or short-term in-hospital therapy and hospitalization to get your pet back on the path to wellness!

If we determine your pet is in more severe or critical condition we may stabilize your pet then have you transfer him or her to a 24 hour Veterinary Emergency Hospital. For Patients that need continued care after we close we work closely with our local after hours emergency hospital and may transfer to them in the pm for overnight care and accept transfers from them in the am when they close. 

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