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Do you accept insurance or payment plans?

We understand that veterinary emergencies can be un expected and sometimes expensive. At Urgent Vets For Pets we work with all veterinary insurance companies as well as accept CareCredit and ScratchPay. We recommend getting preapproved for these services. We also accept all major credit cards.

Do you treat exotic animals?

Some of our veterinarians will see exotic animals. Please call ahead (910) 621-7297 to see if the veterinarian working is comfortable treating your exotic pet.

How does my regular veterinarian receive my records?

After we treat your pet, we will send you home with a detailed report. This will include what tests we performed as well as copies of bloodwork, medical notes, diagnosis and treatment. We will also email all of this to your regular veterinarian including xrays, if they were taken.

Do you offer regular vaccines or preventative care?

We do not offer regular vaccines other then rabies or perform routine preventative care. These are services that should be performed at your regular veterinarian's office.

What if my pet needs surgery?

We are fully capable of handling most surgical procedures at Urgent Vets For Pets. We have a state of the art surgical suite and recovery unit. If your pet needs continued hospitalization after we close, you would need to transfer him/ her to the after hours emergency clinic or to a 24 hour practice in Raleigh/ Cary.

Do you accept transfers from the emergency clinic?

We are fully capable of hospitalizing your pet for the day after the emergency clinic closes. Please bring all discharge paperwork and have other diagnostics, including radiographs, emailed.

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